2 Mar 2012

It's time for India to revisit its time

"We have one time zone from Jaisalmer to Jorhat and beyond, at UTC plus five and a half hours, even though the nation embraces nearly 30 degrees of longitude (from 68° 7' to 97° 25' east) and the normal rule of thumb is one new time zone an hour apart per every 15 degrees of longitude."

It's time for India to revisit its time | Mail Online: This actually has negative consequences in such diverse areas as lifestyle habits and energy conservation. A sensible national system could give India three time zones: UTC plus 5 for places like Lakshadweep, Mumbai and Punjab; UTC plus 5 and a half, as at present, from Delhi to Chennai; and UTC plus 6 from Kolkata to the Burmese border, including the Andamans.

Think of the advantages: efficiency enhanced, electricity saved, bureaucratic rigidity reduced.